Hire the best criminal defense attorney in Fort Collins

Are you worried about the crime which you have committed by mistake? Or you got involved with a crime in unfortunate events. Irrespective of the nature of your crime, you can find the best lawyer in Fort Collins. As per the state rules, people accused of criminal offenses receive long jail terms/ fines, etc. Though the sentences depend on the nature of crime you commit, the rules follow a strict policy. Hence, in order to reduce your sentences, you need to seek professional help from a lawyer. Criminal defense attorney Fort Collins can help you with all sorts of legal problems. Once hired, they will act as your legal backup and protect your rights throughout the case.

Areas of expertise

  • Domestic disputes: Most of the domestic disputes are solved within the confinement of one’s own home. But when it escalates to the court, you would need a professional lawyer as a legal backup. Domestic disputes mainly include spousal abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, property disputes, etc. Whatever the case might be, the criminal defense attorney Fort Collins co will assist you throughout the case. As per the law, Fort Collins has certain strict rules for people accused of domestic violence. They are jailed without being questioned and tried in the court. With a legal backup in such cases, you can reduce the sentences.
  • DUI/DWAI: These two are the most common forms of offenses committed by common people. While DUI stands for Driving under the Influence, DWAI refers to Driving While Ability Impaired. People who are found violating DUI/DWAI laws are charged with jail terms and hefty fines. Some factors such as blood-alcohol concentration level, the nature of the crime, if the offender has caused any casualties, etc. are taken into account while pronouncing the sentence. Here, a professional lawyer could negotiate with the judge and reduce the jail terms/ amount of fine, etc.
  • Other offenses: This could include any form of violence, theft, homicide, drug dealing, sex offenses, violating state rules, etc. A professional lawyer’s knowledge and experience would come handy to deal with such cases in an effective way.


Criminal defense attorney Fort Collins specializes in aiding their clients in all sorts of legal problems. Besides, the lawyer is knowledgeable and has more than several years of experience in dealing with crimes of different natures. Once hired, they would represent the case on their client’s behalf, do all the paper works, and ensure that the client proves his point in the court.

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