Things to know about aged parent visa Australia 2018

If you are the one who is looking out to know about the Australian aged parent visa requirements, then you must know that parent visa is one which belongs to category of family visa. There are different family visas for Australia and parent visas are one of them. Recently in the year 2014, government introduced some of the best changes to family visas. This parent visa is one which is divided broadly in 2 categories. One can apply for it while they are in Australia, while other visas can also be applied when they are out of the place called, Australia.

Points to remember aged parent visa Australia 2018 if you are in Australia,

  • Aged parent visas: it is the one which is for all parents who age is equal to person that is eligible for Australian age pension.
  • Contributory aged parent visa (residence) the subclass 864: if you are parent of child or if your children are living in Australia, then this is actually for you. It is permanent visa for the aged parents. This one costs more than aged parent visa but it gets processed in faster way.
  • Contributory visa for aged parent (subclass 884): this is the temporary visa which is valid for around 2 years. if you have this visa, you can easily apply for permanent contributory aged parent visa of subclass 864.
  • If you are holding temporary contributory aged parent visas, then you are actually eligible for applying for the permanent contributory aged parent visa of subclass 864

If you are the one who is outside Australia, then the requirements for aged parent visa Australia 2018 states as,

  • Contributory parent visa (Migrant) subclass 143: this is called as permanent visa for all the parents with the children who are living in Australia. This is one visa which costs more than parent visa but gets processed fast.
  • Contributory parent visa (temporary) subclass 173: this is also temporary visa which is valid for 2 years for the parents that have children who are living in the place called Australia. If you are having this visa, then you can apply for contributory parent visa permanently.
  • Contributory parent visa (from subclass 173 to 143 subclass): the Australian aged parent visa requirements states that if you are having temporary contributory parent visa of subclass the application for such a visa has to be made in the Australia.

While all of them are the top categories of parent visa for place called Australia, the department of Australian immigration has stopped now for accepting the applications for following visas as,

  • Aged parent visa of subclass 804
  • Parent visa of subclass 103

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