Seven Simple Tattoo Designs that can win Everyone’s Heart

Are you planning to get inked lately but the entire procedure is making you a bit scared? Believe me, it is absolutely natural. Although tattooing has managed to acquire widespread popularity all over the world, the pain associated with it often intimidates and compels individuals to change their minds. Well, the best way to overcome would be by trying out smaller designs and then moving on to the more complicated ones. Some of the amazing ideas are mentioned below in the following write-up.

  • In the year 2012, renowned celebrities started engraving their skin with simple shapes of a triangle and it appealed to many people because of having a mystical quotient. Well, the design can signify a wide-range of things starting from homosexuality to harmony, illumination, classical elements (fire, earth, water), and balance.
  • According to the reputed providers of Gold Coast tattoo designs, an increasing number of individuals are opting to get their skin carved with a small star that appears to be extremely fashionable. Such a body art generally symbolise hope, ambition, success, transformation, uniqueness, and the innate capability to find the right path even during dark days.
  • Engraving a musical note right behind your ear or on the wrist stands to be simple yet extremely stylish. It is the best way of showing your passion towards music or paying tribute to a particular song and its artist. Although not quite big in size, this design has all the potential to effectually rejuvenate your appearance.
  • Heart tattoos are timeless and have attained extensive recognition especially among the couples out there. Well, getting this design is an amazing way of showing your romantic side to the entire world. Individuals are free to add other details around a typical heart shape. For example, some carves a lifeline or angel wings to further emphasis the message they are trying to convey.
  • Are you a holy person and wish to show your undivided devotion to the Almighty? If yes, you can get a simple cross tattoo carved on your wrist, nape, or right beside your heart. The particular symbol can be easily designed after going through the crosses of varied religious orders such as of Dominican.
  • Many women like to get flying birds inked on their clavicle, shoulder, rib cage, or thenar space. Well different birds represent different things. For example, the bright colored cardinals stand for happiness, cranes signify peace, purity, hope, and prosperity, eagles denote power, strength, and spirituality, doves are a symbol of eternal love, etc.
  • Moustache tattoos are trending these days. While some might consider them a bit odd especially if done on a woman’s body, the design has its own unique charm. It is engraved by couples or a group of friends signifying belongingness to each other.

While there are many other small tattoo design ideas, the above stated are most popular among the lot. If you wish to get any of them, make sure to choose a proficient and experienced artist, who has a credible reputation and adheres to internationally recognized safety protocols.

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