Advantages of online tests to the hiring managers

The online tests or the online assessment toolsare designed to assist the hiring managers of the companies to become more competent and prepared to conduct the interviews and tests in their companies. With the help of these effective tools, they will be in a position to improvise their hiring process and also making the process easy and comfortable for the candidate as well. The many advantages that hiring managers have from these online tests are as under:

  1. Easy configuration – There is no requirement for particular exam software or hardware as the online tests are accessible from all the browsers and do not need separate servers. The online test is quite interactive and the design and user interface is quite user friendly. The hiring manager can very conveniently create multiple tests and can also change the difficulty level of the questions so that they can analyse the candidates well.
  2. Accessible – With the testing and the evaluation platform which is accessible to the hiring manager, a number of questions get incessantly generated and this is a part of the software to have the evaluation done for a random series of questions. This is one of the secure ways to avoid cheating during the test.
  3. Instant result and analysis– This is one of the best reasons why people prefer online tests. After the online tests are done, the candidate will be made aware of his performance in the test right away. The hiring manager will also be able to create an analysis which would compare the performances of the candidate and would include their percentile and score which would enable the candidate to assess their own performance and also keep a track of their progress going forward.
  4. Candidates would get an analysis of their strong or weak areas –The candidates would be able to understand their strong and weak areas by knowing their scores. The analysis by some of the exam software can let the candidate and the hiring manager know the competencies candidate is possessing and where all does he needs improvement.
  5. Cost Effective – Yes, this is surely one of the benefits of the online tests. These are quite cost effective and also very economical as compared to the pen and paper exam. Also it is relatively simpler as compared with the other examination style logistics wise. The time taken to complete the online test is as compared lesser than taking a pen-paper test and also it prevents any kind of cheating or dishonest activity during the tests.

How to get these online tests conducted?

  • The first and foremost step is determining the questions which would include questions related to their work experience, educational background and their personal likes and dislikes.
  • Choose interactive exam software and upload these questions there.

Define the pattern and structure of the exam. The questions should have a perfect combination of objective and subjective questions and must be competent enough to analyse the capabilities of the candidates. The questions must be so designed to test the language, reasoning ability and quantitative aptitude of the candidate.

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