The Different Types of Schools Found In India

Today’s education system is more like a business. In the earlier times, education was all about the quality but now it’s more of a show off. Parents want their kids to get into top schools that have huge campuses and buildings that look no less than a 5 star hotel. All this can be very overwhelming for the parents as well. Also, then there are different kinds of schools coming up giving parents more options to easily get confused?

So in my article today, I am going to enlist the kinds of schools you find in our country.

  • Public schools- Most of the schools in our country is funded by the government. But then the reputation of government schools is falling down rapidly. They face issues of infrastructure, proper faculty and other facilities.
  • Private schools– They are some of the most popular ones that most parents get their kids into these days. They have much better facilities when compared to government schools. But then their fees is also much more than that of the government schools.
  • Boarding schools– These schools not only take care of the studies but also see to the accommodation. Kids come and stay away from their family. Many parents prefer them over the other kinds of schools. We have some of the best boarding school in India dehradun.
  • International schools- These schools are gaining popularity these days. The curriculum of international schools is totally different as they follow the syllabus of a foreign country. The languages taught are also foreign. These schools are good if you want your kid doing college in a foreign country.
  • National open school- These schools provide higher secondary education to those kids whose formal studies have been interrupted.
  • Co-ed schools– Now this becomes a whole different category because under co education again, you will find government schools, private schools, boarding schools and international schools. Schools with co-ed have both girls and boys under the same roof.
  • Single sex schools– As opposed to the co-ed system, single sex schools are just as the name goes by. There would be only girls or only boys in one school. May parents actually prefer them and again under this you would find government, private, boarding etc.
  • Special needs schools– Kids with disabilities cannot be put in the same school as other kids because of the level of competition. That is exactly why there are a number of special needs school these days for kids with different kinds of disabilities. They are provided a non formal education.

So, these were some of the most common types of schools one might find in our country. So parents which is your pick? Which of these schools fits perfectly according to your requirements? You can also check out the boarding schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie if you are looking for boarding schools. The internet will help you with the rest of the list. I hope this article helps you in making a well informed decision.

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