Four Ways to Stay Focused at Work

Tim Ferris was once quoted to say that when it comes to work tasks, we should focus more on being productive rather than busy. This sentiment rings true for all employees across all types of industries. After all, busy can be such a broad and vague term. You can entirely be busy with something, engrossed and enraptured with it but that “something” does not necessarily mean it is actually work or for work. The reality is staying focused in your workspace requires a great deal of discipline and earnest commitment to actually doing work and being productive. In today’s modern world, that can be quite a challenge. With your desktop alone, you are given a wealth of distractions within your reach—just right there on your desk. All you would really need to do is access them with the press of your finger. Even if these were blocked, the monotony of what you regularly do is already considered a routine—so much so that it can easily tempt your thoughts to stray and drift away.

While this plays no real harm if it occurs once now and then, it can potentially be damaging to your overall work output if your mind kept wandering habitually. So, how do you address this predicament—especially when you have deadlines to meet? Believe it or not, the decision to stay focused at work solely depends on you. However, you can create a haven of productivity—whether that may be an office space for rent in BGC or elsewhere—simply with these techniques:

1.)    Always find what you do inspiring and fun

Regardless of what work task you may be working on, know that it takes a large part of your focus and concentration. With this in mind, it is essential to ask yourself why you should do it before you commence such task. Your answer would help you determine the value of the task and encourage you to do it. From there, incorporate ways to make the task less like work and more fun such as allowing your imagination and creativity to take part in the process.

2.)    Choose a place where your productivity thrives

More often than not, where you are situated plays a pivotal role in your work output.  In this regard, you should situate yourself in a table with a really good chair—preferably one with adequate and excellent back support. Ensure that your worktable is well-structured as well in such a way that would encourage you to work there for hours at a time without feeling like you are getting drained.

3.)    Organize your work station

Clutter is not only an eyesore; it detracts work productivity as well. Sure, having quite a lot of stuff atop your desk may give it the veneer of a perpetually busy person, but these can prove to be really distracting—especially if the items atop it are in disarray. To stay focused, make sure that the only things found on your desk are the things you need, the rest you should put away neatly and properly in desks and shelves. Designate an area for your personal items such as your purse and the like as well as an area solely for food and drinks. Have these within reach, so you do not lose focus whenever you are snacking on something or having your daily quota of caffeine.

4.)    Make your computer distraction-free

This is an imperative step for people who quickly find themselves wandering to other websites while they are at work. To ensure that you stay focused on your work tasks, download an app that blocks all non-work related websites from being accessed on a certain time when you need to be working. Furthermore, create shortcuts for all the programs you routinely use. In this regard, put all files related to each project or task in just one folder. Lastly, ensure that your PC is virus-free and backed up so in case something happens, you still have your files with you.

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