Recover functional comfort, reducing chewing and speech difficulties:

Being more stable than the extractable alternatives, the implants guarantee a better masticatory function and facilitate the digestion of food. In addition, they allow recovering the normal speech.

Get a good aesthetic result.

The implants replace one or several dental pieces, they are integrated harmoniously in the mouth and adapt to the gum optimally. The implants look identical to the adjacent natural teeth and the bone is preserved. This allows the patient’s face to retain its natural shape and expression.  In the case of placement of bridges or removable prostheses, it is necessary to file the adjacent pieces. Thanks to dental implants, these pieces can be preserved. This advantage considerably prolongs the long-term life of the teeth.

Guarantee a good tolerance

  • The implants are manufactured with biocompatible materials.
  • Avoid the discomfort associated with removable prostheses.
  • Lack of stability, hooks, deterioration of the adjacent natural teeth, a possibility of difficulties for mastication and alteration of the locution.

 Keep the bone structure.

By using the jaw as a fixation point, the implant helps preserve the bone, decreasing the bone loss that occurs after the extraction of the teeth. In addition, the load received by the bone during chewing stimulates it and prevents its resorption. On the other hand, if the bone is not used regularly, it runs the risk of degrading.

 Recover wellbeing, comfort and quality of life.

The implants are integrated into the bone, and are perceived as their own teeth and not as foreign bodies, so they provide a sense of comfort. The patient regains self-esteem when talking, eating or laughing.

Provide a more durable solution by permanently and permanently replacing the missing teeth.

The long-term success of the implants is assured as long as their placement is done professionally, there is regular follow-up by a dentist and the patient maintains strict oral hygiene. Along with the comfort of giving up prostheses that can move and cause discomfort in those who wear them, dental implants have a stable and long-lasting solution if the right materials are used and proper care is maintained in the preservation of implanted parts…

Do not forget that despite the extreme resistance of the materials that make up an implant, it is placed in the mouth of a living being, one of the parts of the human body more prone to infections, than in the same way that they affect living tissues. Close to a healthy tooth can do so in the tissues surrounding the implant? Look for the Laraway Family Dentistry.

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