SEO trends for 2018 Prefer by Google

Do you remember when Google showed only 6 results, all of them with the same format … and nothing else? Well, in the last year the search engines have greatly evolved their designs and the formats in which the results are displayed.

When faced with a question as apparently simple as “How to make rice”.

Are your digital platforms ready to face the new SEO laws? Do you want to catch up with the SEO Strategy in 2018 and be able to optimize your digital strategy according to what the new algorithms dictate?  Do not miss what you should do and how to be perfect as a king of SEO.

What are the SEO trends for 2018?

These are few of the SEO trends for 2018 that you should pay attention to:

Search by voice and digital assistants

According to Google, 1 in 5 searches already come from voice queries. Voice searches are a radical change in the way we communicate and involve a change of approach in the way we process information.

Searches in search engines are suffering those changes due to digital assistants. The search engines no longer behave in the same way. The market is changing and also the SEO trends for 2018.

In the new SEO strategies, you should focus your efforts on the long tail keywords. This is due to voice searches. And also, you must also take into account the difference between written and oral language. Oral language is more natural, or let’s says, colloquial. This tone of conversation must match the tone of the SEO strategy. So because of voice search long tail keywords are more in trend in 2018

Link building

Link building is part of SEO trends for 2018 due to the importance of quality links for digital platforms. The link building strategies should go 100% aimed at creating quality links. It is more important to have authority links than to look for new links anywhere.

In 2018, Google will continue to focus its efforts on controlling link profiles and practices that are also refined by SEO experts. Practices that until now are not penalized and have not generated many problems can be controlled or more monitored by Google. An example is the purchase of links in the media or the guest blogging.

Give the mobile the importance it deserves

There is a significant difference between the way that keywords are classified on mobile devices and how they rank on other devices. Mobile searches are related to the context. This is where local SEO becomes one of the SEO trends for 2018.

Users who use mobile devices will be more active in the network. Which means that local brands will have a new place to market their businesses?

In this sense, it is key for small businesses, the optimization of their platforms aimed at local users. Adding this knowledge to the new information search methods mentioned above, you can create this an infallible local SEO strategy in 2018.

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