Know about the Mumbai Rajdhani Express

IR ranks first in the world with a passenger-per-km rate of 925 billion in 2010. IR steals the spotlight from China, which has only 827.7 billion passenger-per-km. The continuous expansion of railways has led to 114,500 kilometres of railway tracks and more than 7500 railway stations. With the development of urban transit, metros rapidly transport commuters in suburban areas of metropolitan cities. But the cross-country train network does not fall far behind with superfast, mail, and express trains working at top speed to transport passengers from one end of the country to the other only in some hours. Some trains have dedicated paths and connect metropolitan cities and capitals of states with the capital of the country, New Delhi. Such dedicated trains include Delhi to Mumbai trains, such as the Mumbai Rajdhani Express.


  • The Mumbai to Delhi Rajdhani Express commenced its first journey on 17th May 1972. This was 45 years ago as the train blew its whistle and chugged from the then Bombay Central station to New Delhi. The reservation charts had to be prepared only 15 minutes before departure, that’s how popular the train became.
  • The train has a cinematic experience as it has been portrayed in the film ‘Rajdhani Express’ in 2013.
  • The frequency of the train was 6 times a week, but it was extended to become a daily service by IR in September 2000.

Specifications of the train

  • It is a superfast express train that is categorized under the Rajdhani class, with an average running speed (ARS) of 91 km/hr.
  • The train is the fastest train in the Mumbai-Delhi sector, the fastest Rajdhani train, and the fastest train in India! This is considering its ARS and also includes the halts taken by the train.
  • The train is numbered 12951 on its journey from Mumbai Central to New Delhi and it is numbered 12952 on its way back.
  • Initially, a distance of 1385 km was covered by the train in 19 hours and 5 minutes, but due to electrification of the route the train transported passengers in just 15 hours and 35 minutes.
  • The first Rajdhani Express in India to get Alstom-LHB coaches is the Mumbai Rajdhani. The conventional coaches hauled by the Mumbai Rajdhani were replaced by Linke-Hofmann Busch coaches as an upgrade from 16 to 19 coach cars. The train consists of one AC 1st class coach, five AC 2-tier coaches, eleven AC 3-tier coaches, one pantry car, and 2 luggage cum generator coaches which makes it a 20-coach train. The coaches were increased to 21 by Western Railways to accommodate more passengers in 2012. The conventional coaches could attain a maximum speed of only 120 km/hr, however after the introduction of LHB rakes the train could travel as fast as 160 km/hr. Due to poor conditions of the tracks, the speed restriction was lowered to 135 km/hr.
  • This train has experienced many firsts. It shares its rake with August Kranti Rajdhani Express. The two trains are the first trains to have Head On Generation (HOG) installed as a part of experimentation. This powers the train directly from the locomotive instead of EOG or generator van.

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