Simple Tips for Keeping Your Guests Welcome

There is a time of the year that most of us will soon be having unexpected guests spending the night in our homes for holidays or celebrations. We love to make our house be more luxurious for them and feel welcome, that is the most important part of the visit. There are many things to prepare and will help us to feel welcome in our homes like pampanga house and lot and the like that shares a good ambiance and with the help of these tips.

Ahead of time

You must prepare the room ahead of the time or day that will arrive. Make sure to prepare the sheets, fresh and clean, the pillows, extra blankets also in the room and have clean towels also.

Keep the basket in the room

Just in case, your guests do not have shampoos, soaps, etc. with them, make one of those little baskets similar with the hotels like the travel size products. You can also have empty bottles of homemade hygienic products. Also, simple snacks or some magazines for them to read.

Give them a tour

Let your guests know where to get some food or snacks or watch tv. Make sure also to clear your fridge and put some drinks and snacks so that they can easily get one. Do not also forget to tell them where to put their clothes or their own drawers for their things.


You may also write a letter to your guests for the wifi password, the instructional materials example the shower and the washer or even how to adjust the heater in their rooms.

Welcoming breakfast

The best welcoming attitude for the owner of the house where the guests stayed in the breakfast that you can offer. Make some fun recipes like the muffins and other pastries that can be served for breakfast. You can also make a mini buffet in your kitchen where you prepared bacon, salad, omelet or fried rice and they will enjoy grabbing some while you are accompanying them.

If guests do have kids…

You will also include the possibility that you have guests that bring their kids with them, make sure to accommodate them. You can also encourage the kids to do some craft while they are visiting. You do not have to do the babysitting, you just need to arrange for the enjoyment while in your place. Also, you can hire a babysitter if you have an appointment to attend to with your guest, you just have to arrange for the payment and transportation for how many days you will probably need a babysitter.

Avoid placing light candles or flowers in the room

There are other guests they do not want to have all those lighting candles and flowers when they entered, not because they are not appreciating the gesture you have shown to them but for some that do have allergies on scented ones like the smell of flowers will not really attract them. You can put some alternative like a candle with a lid in the room and your guest can light it if they choose to.

Let your guests know your routine

Especially if you want to wake up early because you have a work or child, warn them that you are aware that time before guests goes to bed. Let them make sure also to keep quiet if there are some who are still sleeping. Also, if your guests want to leave for something, you can also offer a duplicate key so that it will be easier for them.

Make them feel comfortable

Sometimes, the homeowners let their guests do the chores. But do not make them the chores if they do not want to. There are also guests who really want to do chores because they will feel comfortable. There are guests that wanted to have fun and enjoyable time for everyone that feels comfortable and welcome.

You can also offer them a travel guide or clean the entire house if they wanted so that your guests will appreciate the effort of welcoming them to your house. From all the tips mentioned above, do not also forget to spend time with your house guests while they are visiting your place and enjoy their company.

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