Ways to Have a Vacation-Level Relaxation without Traveling

“It is up to us individuals to take control and responsibility for the types of lives that we want to lead. If you do not design your life, then someone else may just design it for you, and you may not like their idea of balance.” –Nigel Marsh

Whether we are swamped with work or just overwhelmed with life in general, it is necessary to break away every once in a while, regroup and reconnect with ourselves.

After all, a healthy lifestyle means keeping a steady balance between your work life and your relaxation routine. Ideally, taking vacations and getting out of the city are two optimal ways for relaxation. Unfortunately, it is not always feasible nor practical to take time away from work—especially when you need to meet strict deadlines and the like. Similarly, it might be that your budget cannot accommodate a big vacation spree at the moment which means you would have to consider relaxation alternatives. However, not to worry. Long sojourns might be an excellent way to reinvigorate yourself and take that much needed respite from a perpetually busy lifestyle, but it is not the only way to enjoy your breathing space. There is no absolute need for you to empty your wallets if you wish to decompress and cut back on stress. Below are some alternatives to an exorbitantly priced vacation which you can achieve without even setting one foot away from your hometown:

  • Rediscover your city

One of the excellent ways to disconnect and reconnect with yourself is to spend time discovering your city. Who knows? You might have lived there all your life but failed to notice what makes it truly unique and beautiful. In the same vein, there might have been new additions such as developments, parks or even new malls you have not gotten around to visiting because of your eternally busy schedule—or perhaps they were located at the other side of town. Whatever the reason might be, take this relaxation interval of yours as an opportunity to rediscover your city and maybe, fall in love with it once more.

  • Book a staycation

If you have cash to spare, why not book a swanky and luxurious hotel up on your block? It would still come off as relatively cheap compared to booking an overseas vacation. After all, you would not have to book airline tickets plus you do not feel compelled to have an extended stay. So go ahead and indulge yourself in a Makati staycation or wherever you might be. After all, who says you cannot have all the perks of travels while staying in your hometown? By booking a staycation in any of the hotels nearby, you finally can.

  • Disconnect from technology

More often than not, being too fixated on technology causes us great stress. If you are constantly plugged in, there is a very big chance that this is causing you high stress levels. After all, if you are constantly within reach of your boss then he can hit you up anytime he might need you for work. Moreover, it has been shown that being exposed to social media all day and being bombarded with information can cause you headaches. With this in mind, it is imperative to step back from the digital world every once in a while—and this means every type of modern technology there is and not just your phone, To help you relax, unplug the TV, stay away from your smartphones and computers for a few hours in the evening in a week. If possible, completely eradicate all forms of tech from your bedroom so that you can easily wind down before you sleep. You would be surprised at how helpful these can actually be.

  • Go for a spa weekend

Services such as massages, yoga classes and spa clinics are services that help you relax. For some, this might be considered an unnecessary and even spendthrift extravagance. But regardless of what your viewpoint might be, booking an airline ticket or traveling would always be more expensive than a simple spa appointment. As it helps you relax, then it is very well-worth the investment. Besides, your relaxation is entrusted to the skillful hands of professionals, so there is no way you would be leaving tense, stressed and unsatisfied.

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