What are mobile apps, its types, and advantages?

Mobile applications known as mobile apps are software programs which are developed for devices like smartphones, tablets. These apps can be downloaded directly by using the phone. A person with a smartphone generally makes use of different types of mobile app for playing games, getting direction, know about weather, and explore current news and more. Often these apps are available for free of cost and can be used easily.

Some common types of mobile types are discussed below:

  • Native apps

Native apps are stored in the device and through their icons, they can be easily accessed. From the Google play store or Apple’s app store, these can be downloaded. These apps are capable to work offline as well and are developed only for one platform.

  • Mobile web apps

These apps are not any kind of real applications; they are actual websites but offers with the look and feel same as native apps. To access them a user first has to search for it on the browser and then navigate through a URL which has the option of installing it.

  • Hybrid apps

These apps have characteristic of both native and mobile web app. They can be found in the app store like native apps. Many of the companies make use of the hybrid app to make their presence in the app store without putting much effort into development of a new app.

Some benefits of having a mobile app for business are discussed below:

1) These apps are faster than mobile websites

For growing your business profit it is must that you offer customers with ease to access and know about your products. Mobile apps are much faster than the mobile websites and users find it really convenient to know about your business by making use of an app.

2) Users get more personalized content

Consumers really look for content just according to their choices. These apps are capable to offer people with more personalized experience. It allows them to define their preference by making use of several filters and get exactly what they are looking for as a result.

3) Helps in collecting information about a new client

Adding a survey or contact form on your app will help in collecting information about new visitors. You can contact them further and tell more about your products and service. It is cost effective and time-saving approach as well for collecting data of the new client’s.

4) Facilitates in sending instant updates

These apps send push up notifications and instant updates to all the app users. This is the main reason why business entities look for making an investment in development on an app. In-app notifications are received when a user opens the app but push up notifications are received instantly no matter user opens the app or not.

5) These apps are easy to maintain

Since these mobile apps are specifically developed for your business you have all the control over the app. As using regular apps for your business have some potential risks. If  developer of regular app suddenly discontinues the app then you have to look for a new option.







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