8 Helpful Tips to Make Your Co-Living Workout

We all know how hard it is to find a place to say, what more with buying a new property, right? While others are left to rent somewhere near their workplace which is bound for sharing with strangers or people they barely even know. Given these contexts, we ought to live with other people. It may sound easy at first, but if you come to think about it, there might be some complications that arise with it.

So what can we do about it? Here are some helpful tips to do your co-living workout:

Clear out your boundaries

First things first: you and your co-living fellows should know your boundaries. Maybe you can start with talking about the rules you all promise to abide by. It is essential that you clarify what you think and believe is rational for all of you. Of course, we all have different preferences and whatnot, but it does not mean we should not compromise. It may be ideal that all of your rules are of consensus, but you should also know how to let others live well and happily.

Pay your dues on time

Co-living Makati or wherever you may be is not just about creating a harmonious environment thru relationships. It is also about the practical stuff – money! In short, pay your dues on time. If you get to have your salary bimonthly, divide your bills into two and save an amount per cut off. You can also explore having an emergency fund especially for the bills and other payments. It is better to have extra than having less than what is needed. You and your co-living fellows may also discuss who will be tasked to pay bills each month or delegate one person per utilities (water, unit payment or rental, electricity, et cetera).

Stop with the excuses

Co-living is a way of living that does not only revolve around you. You should always consider the thoughts and feelings of other people you are living with. You are bounded by rules and policies, whether internal and by the laws of the land, and ignorance of such is never an excuse. Co-living helps you to be more considerate and aware not only of other people’s thoughts and feelings but also your surroundings and even about yourself. Stop with the excuses, be more mature in handling things.

Use your things properly

Your things do not mean your personal stuff, but all the furniture and appliances all of you are using. Whether you are living alone or with other people, it is nothing but a sign of decency to be mature and responsible in handling your materials. Just note that the things on your common area like kitchen or living room do not mean that it automatically belongs to the public. Learn how to ask permission.

Know how to follow the rules and policies

Aside from having your private agreements, you should also know how to follow the rules and policies of your subdivision, condo in qc, landowner or whoever. It is important to pay respect to the authority by observing what you should follow. If you may have some contestations, address them appropriately. Don’t be like other people who remain silent and talk behind the back of these people. Be professional and don’t just oppose, but propose.

Talk things out

Relevant to most of the points previously elaborated, if you want to make any relationship to work, you should know how to talk things out. Being passive-aggressive has no room for this kind of stuff. For you to have a harmonious and well-working relationship with your co-living fellows, you should be able to articulate yourself properly. Though some might argue that we all have a different attitude towards things, being honest should always be there.

Be professional

Even though you are staying in a house and living together, you should still act professionally. It doesn’t literally mean that you need to propose a paper first before you can recommend something or whatnot. But it has something to do with your behavior or conduct, and how you relate with your co-living fellows. Your house is your safe space, for sure. But you should not forget that there are other people with you, and you should also consider their areas as well.

Yet at the same time, nurture a healthy and friendly relationship

Finally, to have an excellent co-living environment, you should be able to nurture a healthy and friendly relationship with your fellows. There is no one-size fits all strategy on how you can foster this kind of relationship. It depends on their personalities and with yours as well. But at the end of the day, we hope that you see them more than as your housemates but also your partners.

There you have it! We hope these eight things helped you clear your thoughts about co-living in Makati or wherever you might be. Good luck, have fun and don’t forget to seize the day!

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