Home Selling 101: Three Secrets to Selling Your Home Fast

“The art of selling one house is different than the science of repeating it flawlessly over and over.” -Chantel Ray

Selling a home is no doubt, one of the most stressful endeavors one can ever attempt.

There has never been any doubt that it involves a series of strategies that would ultimately culminate in a successful sale in the asking price you wish. A successful sale requires a degree of discipline, hard work and commitment on your part, but even then, it does not always guarantee you a sale. In this regard, many have this preconceived notion that perhaps the secret to a successful home sale lies in the tried and tested techniques of many seasoned real estate investors who have sold more than their fair share of real estate properties–and in some way, they are quite right. It is no secret really, but all you would need to is to rely on a set of tips and strategies that would make home selling more of an experience than a chore. So, if you are trying to find buyers for that house and lot in Cavite, here are some of the tips that might prove useful to you:

1.) Pricing it right–then deduct 15-20 percent

A home’s biggest appeal will always be the asking price. No matter how grand your entrance is or how much you have improved your curb appeal or upgraded your home’s features, if it falls beyond your prospective home buyer’s budgets, you are not likely to get any offers. With this in mind, have an accurate estimate of what your home is worth then deduct at least fifteen to twenty percent of that price. You might just be surprised at how you will be overwhelmed with offers left and right–even in the worst markets. And the best thing about it is? In their incessant fervor to be the highest bidder, they would bid even higher than your asking price.

2.) Do not go overboard with the upgrades

Sure, little and quick fixes here and there would be the best way to prime your home for a prospective sale and they would always payoff. Significant makeovers and renovations on the other hand, would not. You will only likely get disappointed by your lack of offers because major upgrades would mean you have to jack up the price. In lieu of major overhauls, do little updates that would still guarantee you top dollar for your homes.

3.) De-personalize

If you wish to sell your home fast, you need to ensure that your prospective home buyers can envision themselves living in it. In this regard, cleaning out the clutter and organizing are two paramount house chores you need to do prior to viewing. Having your home overrun and overwhelmed with personal stuff and belongings would diminish your chances of selling it quickly. Get rid of a third of what is inside and tuck them away neatly in a storage–away from the observant eyes of a prospective buyers. Personal stuff would include personal knick-knacks, memorabilia, family photos and keepsakes. With this in mind, maximize your home’s potential by hiring a home stager. Apart from ensuring optimal home aesthetics, they would know to maximize the available space as well and make it even more appealing to your potential home buyers.

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