What is WordPress and What are WordPress Plugins?


There are millions of people that want to share quality content online to express an opinion and creative content online. But it is difficult to start and maintain a website. Many people give up posting content online when they realize how difficult it is to register a domain name, start a website, and maintain a website online. WordPress is a free website that helps regular people create web pages online without actually starting a website. WordPress is an online website that is a free and open sources publishing website which helps people create online content and web pages using this website. WordPress is used by millions of people and this content management system is free to install and upgrade for users. This online publishing website has software that helps websites offer content and WordPress also has plenty of features and Plugins to improve the functionality of the web pages created using WordPress. WordPress is easy to use and there are all kinds of web pages from music to cooking to politics that have been created using this content management system.

Advantages of Using WordPress For Businesses & Individuals

  • WordPress is an easy to use content management platform online. Creating online pages with responsive design is very easy on WordPress. This means the web pages can be opened on different types of computing devices.
  • There are thousands of themes and WordPress Plugins available for users to create websites. New themes are added constantly and there are many web pages that can be optimized and different styles can be used depending on the features that need to be included while using the website.
  • WordPress web pages can be directly shared on social media platforms and upgrading the design, themes, and features of the web pages is a smooth process to include the latest technology and features in the web pages.
  • There is no need to use pre-designed themes and creative users can create their own themes and designs for their websites and include WordPress Plugins, widgets, and other features to customize their WordPress pages. Search engine optimization can be included in the designing of the web pages and users these days are increasingly using retina ready displays and also including many add-on features available on WordPress.

How WordPress Plugins Improve Functionality in Web Pages

WordPress is a platform online where web pages can be created by individuals and businesses to put forth their message and content online. WordPress Plugins are software in WordPress that includes a group of functions which can be used while creating web pages on WordPress to make it more user-friendly and functional. These Plugins are written in PHP programming language and there are thousands of Plugins available on WordPress that can be seamlessly included in WordPress pages. As mentioned above there are many different Plugins available on WordPress and it can get confusing as to which Plugins to use for the web page. The best way to deal with WordPress Plugins is to first understand the functionality and features needed on a WordPress web page and then use the Plugins that offer these functions. Often there are many web pages that need to be interlinked with each other on one WordPress address and so seamless transition is needed and WordPress Plugins help in this function.

WordPress is used by businesses and individuals as it becomes very easy to manage online content. WordPress is cheaper than creating a website and maintaining it online. WordPress is completely customizable; web pages can be tweaked using any computing device. WordPress is a free platform and web pages on WordPress can be used for marketing and promotional content as well as for general and opinion based content. For people who are not well versed in how to use the internet, but need to maintain online content, WordPress is a good option. It is a good choice for beginners as there are WordPress Plugins and themes available on this platform that can assist users to create a good website design for their web pages without being experts in website planning and design. WordPress has been popular for a long time and it keeps upgrading its platform to make it more user-friendly for the people looking to use this website. WordPress is a great platform and millions of users all over the world have online web content because of WordPress.





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