High impact of Email marketing on businesses

In the times of today where everyone want to commence his/her business through the mediums of digital media, then email marketing has become one such important tool for promoting them. It is often known as the act of mailing commercial messages to the different groups of people. If we consider it in a broader sense then every email which is sent to the customers could be regarded as email marketing. It is a process which consists of the usage of email to mail advertisements, business collaterals, and agreements.

Purpose of email marketing

Email marketing is generally known for building loyalty, trust and for enhancing brand equity. With the aid of marketing emails, one can also purchase a current customer database. It is one such medium in digital marketing through which a relationship between merchant and customers gets improved. It also encourages customer loyalty because business owners can now influence the current set of customers to purchase something directly. Email marketing also helps businessmen to share proposals with the third party.

Different types of email marketing

Email marketing can be passed out through two different emails.

Transaction emails- These are those set of emails which are activated on the basis of customer’s action with a company. The main purpose of transaction emails is to facilitate the complete financial transaction that was agreed to by the recipient when wanted to take the services of the sender. Dropped basket messages, password reset emails, confirmation and record emails are the constituents of email-marketing. The main objective of transaction mail is to carry the information of an action that activated it. Transactional emails carry high open rates of near around (51.3%). These emails work as an opportunity to introduce or extend the email relationship with customers or subscribers. Transactional emails also help customers to anticipate and answer questions related to marketing.

Several email newsletter software vendors offer transactional email support. Some of the software vendors also provide specialized transactional email marketing services which include targeted and personalized transactional email messages for running the specific market campaigns.

Direct emails

Direct emails are those set of emails which involves the purpose of sending email only for communicating promotional messages. It is said that companies generally collect a list of customer or prospect email address for sending direct promotional messages to the different groups of people.

Does email marketing benefits companies?

Many companies favor email marketing due to the following reasons

Email marketing tends to be very cheap and it can be processed faster than the traditional mail.

Many big business organizations use a high volume of emails which are called Email Service Providers and these email providers help several companies to gather information regarding the behavior of recipients. With the help of insights provided by consumers in response to marketed emails help businesses and organizations to understand the customers’ needs.  Almost half of the Indian internet users check or send emails throughout a day which implies that the level of digital technology has enhanced. It has also enabled many people to take the help of email-marketing to rise high in the business.

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