The education system around the world has been changing and evolving, and it is happening for the betterment of the upcoming generation. Students around the world have been grasping knowledge from sources which we never thought possible. Every kid on the block has access to high speed internet now, classes are being conducted online and in the coming years, they might not get to go to school or college.

Technology has definitely paved way for an easier way of life and that has eased the stress levels for students as well. Below are three of the most advanced gadgets which prove to be a useful asset for studying, and they are as follows:

  1. ROCKETBOOK: Did you ever get a feeling that there should be a gadget which is as simple as your school notebook. You can take notes using your pen or pencil as per your convenience without having to rely on your smartphones and laptops. There is an impeccable solution for the same, and they are called Rocketbooks. Just like your phones, this is a smart version of your notebooks allowing an ease of access to all of your notes and class records. The Rocketbook connects via your internet connection via Wi-Fi and backs up all your data, stores all your notes in one jot with minimum issues. All of that storage is present and stored on cloud which again proves to be great for conventional use.


  1. ROOST LAPTOP STAND: It is not advisable to lean over to your laptops while you study overnight, it could create problems pertaining to your back in the future. The Roost Laptop Stand has been created to eradicate this problem once and for all. This contraption is made to be ultra-portable, lightweight in every sense which completely transforms your laptop into a workstation. Its advantages include, that it is collapsible and it adjusts with every known laptop there is. It also comes with multiple accessories to suit with it that would help you study better and it is a smart gadget which should be there with every student.


  1. SMART BACKPACKS: Perhaps the most important part and parcel of a student’s life, the backpack. You cram it with books, notebooks, files, manuals, journals, textbooks, reference books, laptop and what not. What if during some crucial project demonstration, your laptop gives up on you, what if your journals and manuals get soaked owing to unfortunate rains or some or the other reason. The answer to that is a smart backpack. It consists of several recharging features along with other options as well. Some of them are,
  • It consists of an internal and an external USB cables to charge your devices on the go.
  • It also consists of a lost and found tracker just in case if anything befalls you.
  • An anti shock system
  • It has built in batteries for charging your smartphone and your laptop.
  • It is water and dust resistant.


Along with technology, students are getting smarter ways to gain knowledge. The devices mentioned above would definitely help them out in reaching their goals at a much faster rate than necessary making a better tomorrow.

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