Five latest trendy outfits


Clean out your closets and pack up all your bikinis as it’s time to embrace fall and winter fashion. As the weather gets chillier and pumpkin spice lattes become the drink of the season, runway fashion evolves from short and skimpy to functional layers and long lengths. Every season has its own quirky fashion trends and fall/winter fashion trends are no different. If you are confused about what to add to your wardrobe, then here are five of the latest trendy outfits that you can choose to make a grand impression.

  1. Animal Print Outfits



Animal print is one of those clothing trends that has never gone out of fashion and isn’t expected to do so anytime soon. If you want to add something new and exciting to your wardrobe, then you can choose an outfit that incorporates animal print. There are many ways to wear an animal print. You can buy an animal print shirt and pair it with black slacks or leopard print slacks and pair it with a black shirt. A zebra print dress or a faux snakeskin skirt will look good as well. My point is, the possibilities are endless.


  1. Tweed Outfits


Another great trend bandwagon that you can hop on is the tweed one. Gone are the days when tweed just used to be the attire for professors and other people in academia. Now tweed is all about making a high fashion statement. Tweed jackets are a great way to keep out the cold and look sophisticated and amazing while doing it. Besides jackets, you can incorporate tweed into your wardrobe through suits, skirts and dresses. Tweed clothing looks great paired with white, black and brown but that does not mean that you can’t pair tweed with other bright and bold colors.

  1. Checkered Print


 A way through which you can make a fierce style statement is through the use of prints. One print that is making a splash on runways, as well as stores, is the checkered print. The checkered print is versatile, as it can look great paired with different types of stuff. Checkered dresses have always been a fashion favorite but now checkered skirts are also coming back as a fashion statement. You can even add fun checkered accessories to the mix like checkered scarfs, berets or chokers.

  1. Velvet Outfits



One fashion trend from yesteryear that has made a comeback in recent times has been the velvet trend. The velvet trend has been going strong with velvet dresses look gorgeous at parties. If you don’t want to drop money on velvet dresses then you can always re-purpose an old velvet dress from your mom’s closet, since velvet was a huge fashion trend in those days and you can find numerous velvet dresses in her closet. You can even wear a velvet dress to a Christmas party or for a different occasion this holiday season!

  1. Asymmetrical Prints



 Asymmetrical prints are a great idea for a fun outfit. Asymmetrical prints are all the rage now and they are a great outfit idea if you want to look trendy. From asymmetrical shirts to asymmetrical dresses, there are numerous outfit ideas that you can choose from. Not only do asymmetrical designs look incredibly quirky but they can be worn for both casual and formal events.

Whatever fashion trend you choose, you need to remember that your comfort should be your first priority. Choose clothes based on how they would look on your body and how good they would make you feel. Everything else should be the second priority for you. Good clothing does not mean that you have to spend big bucks on it. You can find all these trendy outfits at reasonable prices if you just know where to shop.






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