Financial transactions have become much easier nowadays. You don’t need to wait up in long queues to withdraw your hard earned cash which you might have saved for some reason. We also have credit card facility which is great for those who have a substantial amount of credit limit. It is easy to use a credit card since it comes with a decent amount of limit which you can spend up and then pay the bank without any manner of interest. The only thing which normally concerns people in this respect is the credit card reports.

Credit card basically outlines the entire history of what exactly you did with it. Ironically, there are instances when the credit card reports have experienced errors. We trust the system and we think that the reports might not be untrue but the system is not always right. Therefore there are some of the things which need to be carried out whilst checking up on your reports and these should be followed diligently to avoid any lasting damages.


The first point in fixing up your credit report errors would be to check up on the report that you receive from your respective banks. You also get these reports from the official credit bureaus with which you are involved. Some of the things which should be looked out in this perspective are,

  • Names and other details pertaining to your family members.
  • Checking for duplicity in the accounts.
  • Checking for incorrect accounts.
  • Information pertaining to your account and also your nominees.
  • There could be instance when the information might be outdated, so you need to update them as well.
  • Checking for accounts that are lying dormant for some time.
  • You also need to check for accounts that are fraudulent.

Credit Report Errors should be resolved at once if you find any kind of fault in it once you have discovered and identified them. If there are instances when you are not able to identify them properly, then you need to file a formal dispute complaint and report it to your concerned credit bureau for review. There is no additional costing for this provision as this comes under the ambit of the Government.

Vital information pertaining to your credit report errors would not be involved in the existing calculations of your credit score. You need to make sure that the situation is quickly nipped in the bud, so there is an online form which is available at every credit report bureau and it should include all of the relevant information. Post which, you would be receiving the corrected credit report in the successive statements.


Resolving credit report errors is not exactly an easy task. The bureau needs to go through every bit of information that has been provided by the complainant. If the issue is a bit grave than the usual ones, it might take a lot more time and there could be instances of investigations to be conducted. If there are disputes related to fraudulent accounts, the bureau will be then contacting and going through to the source which is termed as the data furnishes.

This will help the bureau get into the bottom of the credit report errors, investigate the information correctly and that will take as long as 30 days maximum. So it would be difficult if you are expecting a quick enough response from their end, but you will be updated thoroughly. Once all the procedures are carried out, the reports will be sent across to you. And if everything gets resolved quickly you would be getting the altered credit report with all the significant changes for free. Your credit score will then be updated soon after.


Credit Report Errors can prove to be a pain in the neck if you choose to let it go. You could face issues since that can affect your future credit scores which can affect you if you need money from some or the other financial institutions in the future. Therefore, it is preferable that you keep yourself clean and be aware of the ins and outs of the credit reports so that you won’t face problems.

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