The Secret to Maintaining Positive Energy During Difficult times

When it comes to the low moments and highs in relationships, one must accept the level of difficulty regarding the love and positive energy that are to be consistent. At times you just want to cave in and give up, but most healthy relationships push for happiness in the end. Once you notice that you are trapped in a temporary storm, you get creative and set yourself free.

  1. Speak up

Do not keep quiet and let the wrong thing be done, be vocal about your views, especially if the wrong action is being carried out. For example, if your partner begins to argue in front of the children, don’t let it proceed, just find a passive way to stop that conversation until you are in private. Do not spoil the innocence of the children. Even if you have lost your main source of income and making the available finances to meet the bills and other expenses is a huge struggle, stay positive. Allah knows his plans for you, don’t attach your happiness to materials.

  1. Look at the bright side

Everything has a dark and bright side, so, when the situation is tough, try and look for silver linings. At times all it can take is just one positive aspect to lift the hopes and remind everyone that love always prevails. If you can’t afford the high-end schools remember that your child is still getting an education, a roof over his head, food and warmth. This gets your mind out of the negativity.

  1. Be Honest

Your marriage may be going through a rough patch, rather than throwing in the towel, try and save it. Divorce is only a last resort, don’t opt for it until you really have to. Get down to the root cause of the problem and if it is your side, be honest apologize and work on avoiding such errors in the future. Love is a strong emotion that can’t fade in a moment. Be ready to take up responsibility for any fault that you may have. A willing persona will keep the mood hopeful.

  1. Praise and Acknowledge

Remind your family members of the several achievements made by them. It is almost similar to a pep talk, they just need to believe in themselves again to get convinced that the current situation is just another obstacle that will be passed with ease. Train your children to love in both good times and bad and smile even when things take a nose dive, there is always something to latch on to.

Through all difficult times the most important thing to do is to keep your faith. It should never falter, Allah never abandons his people. It is very easy to get swept away by hardships, so fight to have your eye on the right thing.  When your faith is strong, your head can remain held high. Always acknowledge his assistance, for he keeps his word and watches over his people.

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