Top Reasons Why You Need to Prioritize Your Event Security

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Organizing and hosting an amazing lifestyle event can be a tough task. You must know how to deal with a large crowd, most especially if you’re going to host a concert or a symposium. The preparation should be as thorough as possible to avoid any accidents or incidents along the way.

Apart from the music, venue, chairs, sound systems, and visual materials, you should also plan your event security. You need to ensure that the attendees are safe from untoward incidents like disturbances from uninvited guests and even extremist terror attacks. To help you understand the value of hiring an event security guard, we have created this short guide.

  1. Prevent gate crashers from ruining your event

Gatecrashers, especially in intimate events like weddings and birthdays, can ruin the celebration. The unwanted guests might compromise the safety and security of the event guests. To deal with gatecrashers, you need an event security guard to check the invitations or tickets.

Also, you must plan ahead of time. Think about how you can effectively identify who’s invited or not. Where should you place the reception and inspection? How about the exit and entrance areas?

Don’t forget to remind your guests to bring their invitation on the day of the event. Be strict in imposing guest counts too. Always confirm the attendance of the guests so you can set your expectations on the day of the event.

Also, if you’re going to host a music night, be strict in checking the tickets and passes. Before you let them inside the event area, make sure to give them wristbands, VIP passes or event stamps. This can help you can prevent crashers from getting inside the concert grounds and VIP areas.

       2. Control the crowd and prevent accidents

Major events like concerts, music festivals, sporting events, and conferences can draw a large crowd. Most of the time, an event with a hundred or more attendees can be quite difficult to control and manage without the help of a seasoned event security company.

It’s common to find intoxicated attendees brawling over the most trivial things. Also, there may be some event attendees who cause a ruckus even without the influence of alcohol or drugs. To prevent property damage, injury or fatalities, you need to enlist the help of an event security specialist.

They can quickly pacify the troublemakers to prevent more chaos and ensure that your event goes as smoothly as possible. In addition, the security guards can protect areas that are not for public access.

Do take note that managing a massive crowd requires skills and experience because everyone can behave quite differently in large gatherings or groups. There are plenty of event attendees who don’t know where to draw the line. As such, apart from having security guards manning the event area, you might also need equipment installed such as CCTV cameras.

    3. Keep the VIPs, hosts and other guests completely safe

If there are high profile guests coming to your event, you absolutely need professional security guards. The last thing you want is your guests getting injured because of the crazy fans. The safety of your VIP guests such as celebrities, influencers, politicians, performers and superstar athletes should also be on top of your priorities.

The event security guards can perform a weapon scan, manual inspection of bags and people, and metal detection to help minimize violence in the event. They can also limit the number of paparazzi entering the event premises.

 4.  Keep the event equipment safe and secure

Advanced lighting technology, stage equipment, microphones, mixers, tents and speakers can cost thousands of bucks each. If they get damaged or if someone steals them, you’re in great trouble.

Thankfully, you can designate some of your security personnel to take charge of the expensive equipment you use at your event. They can look after the equipment and make sure they’re properly loaded back in the truck once you wrap things up, or guard them overnight

Make sure that you check the profile of the security detail

There are many reasons why you need to run a background check on your security detail. First of all, you need to ensure that they can indeed help you minimize or prevent issues during the events. A background check will reveal their previous work experience and highlight a criminal background if any.

Lastly, a background check allows you to determine if the security officer truly satisfies the criteria you need for your event.

Last useful tips that you can easily follow

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You will need an event security service for several instances. For example, if you wish to host an intimate wedding reception and you want to deter gatecrashers from gaining access, or if you’re holding an event in a public space, you should hire an event security. The same applies if you want to host a major party.

When you hire an event security company, don’t forget to check the customer feedback, insurance certificate and the staff’s experience. This will help to ensure that you hire the best people for your event security requirements.

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