How to Decide When to End a Long-term Relationship

Once in your life, you meet someone and everything seems right, food tastes different, you can hear everything in nature and that is nothing but falling in love. You love the person to such an extent that your heart is filled with happiness. You might dream of spending the rest of your life with your significant other. Nevertheless, somewhere over time, the honeymoon phase of your love life comes to an end and you feel hostile to the same person who made you feel butterflies in your stomach. Why does this happen? What makes a loving relationship come to an end? Have a look at the situations which might compel you to decide on ending a long-term relationship.

Important Situations which make you feel it’s Time to End

We can realize that it is extremely convenient to assume everything is going to be fine. Suddenly you might simply notice the excruciating aspect about your significant other of being depressed, upset etc. Especially if you sense the cause of the pain is you. Take a glance at the points mentioned below.

  • Lack of Right Communicating: Communication is the building block for every relationship and when you find a person who is open and is clear about their thoughts, you would also feel like opening up to them and communicate freely. In this way, both come close to each other. In case, the communication turns to be infrequent and happens only when there is any work, it is a huge sign that the relationship has actually come to an end.
  • An attraction for other people: Strong love bonds will never let you feel the need to go and look out for other guys or girls. We all admit that there are many beautiful and handsome guys all over us, all love watching or glancing at beautiful people but there is a difference between look and lust. It is difficult to betray a person whom you truly love. If you are easily falling for other people, it’s easy to understand that your existing partner has lost the place in your heart.
  • Bad sex life: Sex is the ultimate pleasure when you are making love with your partner. No matter if you had a tough day; it all comes to rest when you are making love with your beloved. It is not always true that a long-term relationship is deprived of sex, but what if it is lacking? At times, situations become worse, sex life comes to a halt, you are unable to captivate the moments in your bedrooms and nothing falls back in place. This is a high time you have to decide on a breakup or survival.

These three the major situations which can make you feel that the relationship is not working anymore. At times, when you are cheated you feel tired to even reach out for the truth. This is another clear sign that the person does not hold the importance in your life. All these signs together or alone do not mean the relationship is dead. You can give it a try to mend things, but if your inner feeling is dead, it is better to gracefully separate.

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