Tips to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign (from Scratch)

Google adwords can be used to start a new search campaign. With the help of Google adwords, one can start earning and can also start new campaigns and earn more money. The advertisement campaigns help a user to earn millions through his account. Initially, setting up the adwords is a difficult task but once it is set, a user can start earning more and more money.  In order to earn money, the adwords campaign should be properly managed. If there is mismanagement, the user can face loss, which can be either minor or huge.

In order to manage an adword campaign, a checklist should be created which will include the steps of managing it. Here are the steps, which will help a user to manage adword campaigns.

Customer Demand

There are times when a user finds that his product is not being searched by customers. The user should verify the search volume as the campaign would not help if the volume is low. In order to do this, the user should use Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion tool. The tool will help the user to select the keywords based on which users will search his products. The user just has to use different word and phrases and Google will tell about the popularity of the keywords. User can use the keywords for the product to increase the search.

Fourth Grade Math

After the selection of keywords, a user should do not run after those keywords which are not profitable for him. The user should check the number of keywords that should be used for a product. In order to check the keywords, the user will have to check the cost per click (CPC) and check it with his business cost per click (CPC). Then the user has to decide whether he can afford the campaign or not. If the keyword CPC is greater than the business CPC, then it can be a profitable keyword.

Competitor Intelligence

The user will have to think about buying the keywords that are profitable for his business. The purchase should also be affordable for the user as expensive keywords which are not profitable can incur a minor or huge loss. A user must know about his competitors which every industry and sector have. It can be the situation that the keywords chosen by the user have already been chosen and used by his competitors.

In this case, the user can use KeywordSpy tool that will let him know about the keywords that are already in use. In order to use this too;, the user has to create an account on After signing up and logging in, user can enter the domain of the competitor to know more of his domains. After the domains are searched, user can click the PPC to get all the keywords used by the competitor.

Powerful USP

USP is something that will separate the user’s business form his competitors. This USP will help the user to answer such questions that why his company should be chosen to do business. The USP will bring more traffic, increase sales, and will eliminate price comparison when the user has to choose a product from the user’s website. In order to crate3 a USP, the user has to talk with his customers and listen to their needs. On the basis of feedback, the user can create the USP. The ads of the competitors will also the user to make strong and unique USP.

Irresistible offer

The user should haunch the adword campaign in such a way that it should compel the buyer to buy the product from his company. The product or service provided by the user should be valuable It means that the user will have to tell the value of the product along with the price of the product. The price should be little cheaper than the competitor. The user has to make the customers believe that the price is cheap and should also tell the reason about that. He can also do the same if he is offering discount in the sales.

Compelling Ads

The ads provided by the user should be such that they attract the customers. The ads should also repel the customers who do not need the product. This will bring more traffic on the product’s page and will increase the sales.

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