Best and Safest Cities to Visit in the UK for Lone Travellers

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In 2017, more than 39 million international tourists travelled to the UK – contributing a whopping £24.5 billion to the country’s revenue.

According to experts, tourism continues to be the fastest growing sector in the region. Despite the rising tension between religious sects, minority groups, and the recent terror attacks on British soil, there’s still a lot of people that want to visit the country.

While some cities aren’t deemed the safest for lone travellers, there are still plenty of amazing and peaceful cities that make an ideal holiday destination.

A credit company called Provident Personal Credit Ltd commissioned a survey to reveal the safest cities in Britain. Here are the top results:


Scotland’s capital is known for its rich culture, medieval castles, beautiful scenery, numerous museums, concealed underground streets, and sumptuous local delicacies. A couple cannot miss tourist spots include: a visit to the Edinburgh Castle or Arthur’s Seat.

Despite being the second most populated city in Scotland, Edinburgh has a very low crime rate.


Gloucester or the cathedral city of Costwolds takes pride in its rich history and heritage. Many tourists flock to the city to see the Gloucester Cathedral, Blackfriars, and the Hillfield’s Garden.

The locals are very friendly and polite. Like Edinburgh, the crime rate in Gloucester is also quite low. Just keep an eye on petty crimes like pickpocketing when you visit some shops in the busiest parts of the city.


This Scottish city is not just one of the safest places in the UK. It’s also considered as one of the happiest cities in Great Britain.

When in Glasgow, you must visit the cathedral plus The Necropolis. If you’re a fan of Scotland’s national football team, you must also drop by the Hampden Park.

It’s generally safe to roam around the city during the day, but as with all cities it’s advised

to be cautious during the evenings and late night wanders.


Plymouth is a haven for party-loving travellers. It’s also a wonderful place to visit if you want to see polar bears! This waterfront city offers a lot of fun and exciting activities for its visitors.

It’s one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the region thanks to its helpful and dedicated locals who coordinate with the authorities to prevent crimes.


Aberdeen is the third Scottish city that made it to the list. It’s home to many foreign workers because of the numerous offshore petroleum companies that operate here.

If you get the chance to visit Aberdeen, you must include the St. Machar’s Cathedral, Duthie Park, and Aberdeen Maritime Museum to your travel itinerary.


According to the current statistics, more than 16 million come to Worcester each year. It’s well-known for its friendly and accommodating locals and various beautiful tourist spots.

If you plan to visit Worcester, include the Worcester Cathedral, Gheluvelt Park and Wood Country Park to your itinerary. You can easily find your way around Worcester with the help of the locals or offline maps.


York is a quaint town with walls that have bordered the centuries-old medieval streets. Some of the most notable tourist destinations here include the spiralling staircase that narrowly winds up the 13th century York Minster Cathedral, Jorvik Viking Centre, Clifford’s Tower and The Shambles with its wildly distinctive “leaning” architecture, some dating back as far as the 14th century.

Because York only has 200,000 residents, it also has a relatively low crime rate. Most of the crime occurrences in York are related to anti-social behaviours. To avoid getting into trouble, make sure to stay away from streets filled with protesters.


Northern Ireland’s capital city is also quite a popular travel destination in the UK. A few examples of the best places you should visit in Belfast are the Belfast Zoological Gardens, Mount Stewart, and Exploris Aquarium.

Belfast is very safe for tourists, even at night. However, locals strongly advise against visiting areas near the Cupar Way, West Belfast.


Residents of Wrexham highly recommend visiting this town in Northern Wales. It’s a picturesque town surrounded by natural and ancient wonders. While in Wrexham, you should visit St. Giles, the largest and grandest medieval church in Wales.

It’s also home to the prestigious Wrexham Glyndwr University and the awe-inspiring historic house, Erddig Hall.

You can surely enjoy touring around these amazing places in Wrexham without worrying about pickpockets or thieves. The crime rate in Wrexham is one of the lowest in the UK.


While most travellers have a tough time saying the name of this market town, it ranked as the safest city in Great Britain.

It’s an ideal destination for history buffs who love checking out ancient ruins. When you’re in Aberystwyth, you should take the opportunity to explore the Vale of Rheidol and the Aberystwyth Castle.

The United Kingdom is indeed one of the best destinations in the world. There are a ton of things you can do and an extensive selection of cities and towns that you can visit. Just make sure to be mindful of your personal security to avoid losing your valuables.

The UK cities listed above are the best and the safest travel destinations for people who love flying solo. We hope you get to see these cities in the future.

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