What Every Girl Boss Needs to Have In Her Bag


After countless “What’s In My Bag” videos and articles from celebrities and influencers, the list for everyday bag essentials gets longer and longer—but what do you really need with you all day?

We know that not all women are the same and we may have different necessities depending on what we do during the day, which is why it’s important to focus on what’s vital for your daily success. Apart from important documents, medicine, and ID, there are some things that you may accidentally forget.

Don’t worry; We’ve rounded up a list of the things every girl boss like yourself needs in her bag to conquer your busy lifestyle without a fuss.

  1. A small makeup bag

Every girl boss knows that the key to a well-stocked bag is to only keep what you’ll use. This rule goes for our make-up bags, too!

While you may be tempted to stash another lipstick and another pair of eyelashes in there, think twice. There are some multi-purpose makeup items that you can bring instead! The trick is to think of the things you’ll need to retouch. Carrying a heavy bottle of foundation or several variants of the same shade of lipstick can be fun, but it will take up unnecessary space in your bag.

Retouching essentials include powder, a lip and cheek tint, and maybe some eyebrow powder. Apart from these things, all other aspects of your makeup should be set with a heavy-duty spray. This will make sure that you don’t need to re-do your entire face thrice a day!

This won’t just save space but also make more efficient use of your time.

  1. A bottle of your signature scent

If you’re someone who has long work days, it’s essential for you to bring your perfume. Reapplying your perfume takes seconds and you immediately smell fresh and like you haven’t been working the whole day.

There are some perfume bottles that may be too big or too bulky so what you can do is purchase a small spritz bottle. You can find these in supply stores, and you just need to transfer a small amount to carry around with you all day.

Smelling good is a huge plus point for anyone you meet. It’s okay if you don’t reek of body odour, but it’s best if people can smell your favorite scent on you.

Part of building your brand as a girl boss is having your own signature scent so if you haven’t found yours yet, get on the market for the best perfumes for women.

As Coco Chanel said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”

  1. Pen and a small notebook

Our phones and laptops may be good for taking notes on the go but nothing beats writing it down. There are flaws with technology that having it written physically can’t ever beat so it’s best to carry pen and paper around.

These two needs are useful for everything from taking work notes, remembering to-do lists, and taking reminders down for later.

  1. Hygiene kit

Hygiene kits should not be in your bags. These include an emergency tampon, your toothbrush kit, sanitizer, plaster, and breath mints.

While we don’t mean that you should bring your entire bathroom in your bag, it’s best to be prepared for emergency situations that can crop up.

Sanitizers are particularly helpful for keeping you protected from germs that you may pick up from public places. A girl boss likes yourself has no time for the flu, so it’s best to be ready.

Breath mints and your toothbrush kit will be a lifesaver, especially if you’ve just had a particularly strong-smelling meal. The last thing you want is for the person you’re talking to see or smell remnants of your Shawarma lunch.

  1. Power banks

Yes, we do mean power banks with an s if you’re someone who relies on her phone for work or the time-killing social media scroll.

This is a life-saver and will undoubtedly keep you from stressing about finding a charging port in the middle of the road.

As most of our real life is largely intertwined with its virtual counterpart, being offline is a huge no-no. We need our phones to check e-mails, correspond with important people, and for documentation.

Having a power bank handy in your bag will make sure that you’re not tethered to a wall, and that you can go about your day without worrying about a dying battery.

  1. A water bottle

Being properly hydrated can save you from midday nausea and headaches. This is why carrying a water bottle with you is a must for every woman.

A handy water bottle can be your quick go-to whenever you’re feeling slightly exhausted, and you can always fill it up along the way. It’s an efficient use of your bag space, and having your own bottle can save you a lot of money too as you don’t need to keep buying disposable ones.

Not only will you be keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll also be doing your part in limiting your use of plastic. Environmental and efficient? Count us in!

  1. Chargers

While we did recommend that you bring a power bank with you, it’s still safest to bring chargers for your gadgets.

If you’ll be bringing a laptop, you would not want it to die on you in the middle of a presentation or an important document. It’s important to make sure all your devices are fully charged before leaving your home, but it’s comforting to know that in case the battery dies, you have your charger with you.

Your phones will probably be taking the hardest hit when it comes to battery life as a lot of work depends on it. Make sure that you’ve got your necessary cords with you so you won’t have to panic about them later on.

  1. Snacks

If your day is so jam-packed that you probably won’t have time to eat until the wee hours of the night, keep a bag of biscuits with you.

The modern woman is a busy woman, and we understand that sometimes we tend to neglect mundane things like eating. This puts you in the risk of sickness, and you might end up being cranky the whole day.

You don’t need to bring bulky meals with you, as a simple power bar can do. This will help you get through meetings before you actually eat a full meal.

Bags may just be a fashion statement to some, but they’re the holy grail of every woman. In here, you’ll find a medley of things that one cannot leave home without.

Sure, there are some things that you’ll probably survive without but it’s still comforting to know that you can have them in a pinch. These essential items can save you should a not-so-impossible emergency come up during your day.

There’s nothing quite like having all your essentials in one convenient place. So be sure to double check everything you need before you leave your home unless you’d rather have midday regret because you forgot something essential.

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