Inspiring yet Fun Charity Ideas for Hen Parties


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If your bride-to-be’s got a soft spot for charitable causes, then a night of rowdy fun may not be the best way to send her off to the married life. If the alcohol and bar-hopping night in typical hen parties is not her style, and it’s got you racking your brain for alternatives: we’ve got you covered.

We understand that not every bride-to-be’s the same and she may just end up dreading a wild night. The key here is to understand what kind of woman she is, and what she’ll appreciate. She may be someone who’d appreciate giving, rather than getting gifts.

If she supports a cause or is particularly into fundraisers, we’ve rounded up a few ideas that will best fit your kindhearted bride-to-be!

Park Clean-Up

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Ladies, it’s time to pull your sleeves up and get information to help the earth!

This is a particularly easy task as all you need for pre-party planning is to coordinate with local officials to get necessary approval. Take it a step further (and cuter) by producing matching shirts for your girl gang.

Be sure to get all the necessary permits and clearances approved and, of course: let everyone know the unusual take of the hen night. Don’t be overwhelmed! You don’t need to do major renovations; It can be something as simple as picking up trash, painting park benches, or planting trees. Every little act of good makes a great impact.

And, after a full day of putting some good out into the earth, why not treat you to a spa date or happy hour afterwards?

Private Art Class

Organize an art class with a twist! To take a cheeky take on typical art events, why don’t you consider a hen do themed life drawing class? Yup—we mean a buff model to serve as your muse for the evening.

Not only will this manage to mix in the exciting, cheeky part of a hen night, it will cater to the creative and charitable. You won’t just be raising funds for a great cause, you’ll let attendees have fun with art as well.

Tap into an organization that offers a package for life drawing classes, and add some wine or cocktails into the mix. You can offer passes for a night of learning to your bridesmaids and let them know that all income generated will proceed to a charity of the bride-to-be’s choice.

Garage Sale

If your bride already has a cause to support, then a garage sale to raise funds can be a great way to bond with your girls and raise funds at the same time.

You just need to settle on a place and ask all attendees to bring clothes or items that they’re ready to let go of. With the rise of Marie Kondo’s decluttering method, you don’t need to just throw away your unwanted things but rather sell them for a good cause!

Animal Shelters

Confirmed: women will go gaga over animals. From small furry animals to big cuddly creatures, your girl gang will go crazy over them. Why not volunteer at your local animal shelter? No doubt that they’d appreciate the extra helping hands, and you get to offer a unique experience for your guests.

If the bride-to-be is fond of furry animals, consider looking for local dog shelter. They’d love to have a group help them in their daily operations, and donations for their upkeep and supplies will go a long way for them as well.

Set up a day of volunteering at your local animal shelter, and ask guests to bring what they can. From supplies to cleaning materials, every piece of help will count. Plus, imagine the cute Instagram stories you’ll get out of the day!

But, remember: don’t let the hustle become a hassle for everyone. Celebrate after a hard day!

Although you’ll be taking an unconventional route for a hen do, fun is still a non-negotiable for this event. Don’t leave everyone grunting and exhausted with dissatisfaction! You’ll want the hens to remember the day as a unique day that was both rewarding and enjoyable.

Organize a spa day afterwards to unwind from a day of physical exertion. From foot spas to mani-pedis, it can be a good way for everyone to chit-chat and they’ll have something to break the ice if the group aren’t all acquainted.

Traditional hen parties may be too wild, costly, and adventurous for more low-key brides. Thus, focus on a good cause that will make your bride-to-be appreciate what you organized. Her last days as a single woman will be spent helping the world a better place, and she gets to have it with the people she treasures the most.

Now, isn’t that a great send off for an equally amazing woman.





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