Why Our Home Needs A Domestic Water Purifier?

Sadly enough most Indian households do not understand important of an RO water system. These reasons can be attributed to the fact they are not aware of the harmful implications of impure water. Let us now explore the harmful effects of contaminated and impure water. Water is a natural solvent, any impurity that makes its way into water would be dissolved. The pollutants could be biological, chemical or physical. If you drink contaminated water it can be a source of various water-borne diseases in a country like India. Some of the fatal water-borne diseases are as follows

So what is a waterborne disease? Any disease that arises due to drinking of impure or harmful water leads to water-borne disorders. Due to the feces of animals or human beings water is contaminated. A lot many people are killed in India due to the consumption of water. As per a report of the United Nations nearly 3 million people in India lost their life due to drinking contaminated water and out of that 1 million were children.


This is a waterborne disorder that is diarrhea in nature. In our food along with water, bacteria are present which could be contaminated by human being feceas. The net result is that a lot of water loss occurs in your body.


You become a victim of watery stool or loose heavy water in the stool. Though the main reason for diarrhea occurs due to contamination of water with bacteria or various types of virus. Every year there are about 1 million deaths due to this disorder and the number is on a steady rise.

The reasons for you to use domestic water purifier in our household?

As per reports, nearly 70 % of water which makes its way to our home is polluted. In terms of water quality out of 122 countries, India ranks at 120. ¾ of groundwater available in India is not fit to be consumed for household purposes. It means that both a family along with their near and dear ones are at higher risk of water-borne diseases. To keep yourself safe along with your family it is better to install a water purifier system at your home. In installing a domestic water purifier you can get rid of all harmful pollutants in the form of chemical, physical or biological. If you are of the opinion that boiling of water can remove the harmful pollutants from water then you are not considering drinking water to be serious. The reason being that they could be a lot of microorganisms that could make its way on to the drinking water.

Any domestic filter plant models itself on the basis of trusted technology like UV, RV etc. For more than 50 years reverse osmosis is the technology that is put to use in order to treat contaminated water. The water output can be trusted that makes its way on to your home. The only point to conduct proper research before you purchase one.

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