7 Startling Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health and Sleep

It is important to have a good night sleep if you want to wake up fresh and start your day with a happy note. Also, a good night sleep is important to maintain good health and happiness. To get a quality of sleep, you are sure to need a quality mattress. Yes, the quality of the mattress is important as it plays a major role.  Most of the individuals are completely aware of the fact, but they tend to ignore it by thinking it is not an important issue. However, only a few people understand the significance of having a quality mattress and they are willing to take precautions to improve their sleep and their mattress as well.

A poor quality mattress can definitely affect your health. The short-term effects, including drowsiness and headaches, which you usually get when you wake up, even after sleeping the entire night. The old and worn and torn mattress also causes some of the long-term effects on your health like respiratory problems, spine and back pains, allergies, and more.

Here you can find seven surprising ways that an old mattress can affect your health:

Allergies occurred by your Old Mattress:

If your mattress is more than ten years old, then you should know that it becomes a breeding place for dust mites. These micro-organisms can cause severe skin problems, respiratory problems, and eczema. These dust mites can be dangerous to your lungs and it may even cause a sore throat. If you are often having allergies and having breathing problems, then you should know that it may be because of your old mattress and it is time to bring the new mattress.

Health problems occurred by Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are generally born in old & damp mattresses. The bed bugs can easily hide inside the mattress and you don’t even know that your mattress is infested with bedbugs. The tiny bugs bites and creates various health issues like sleep deprivation and anemia. When you notice even a single bedbug, then you should immediately throw away your old mattress and buy a new mattress.

Back Pain occurred by Old Mattress:

It is one of the most annoying problems that many individuals are facing currently. Most of the times the individual suffer from back pain because of sleeping on worn & torn mattresses.  When you have back pain, obviously you will not have a good night sleep and after you wake up, you will still feel drowsy and annoyed.  Don’t wait any longer to buy a new mattress, buy a medium-firm new mattress to get rid of your back pain.

Old Mattresses increases your Stress Levels:

It is true, old mattresses can increase your stress levels.  When you are not having good night sleep, it directly affects your day that further leads to stress. If you are suffering from back pain because of the mattress, then again it causes stress during the daytime. That is why it is important to change your old mattress so that you can reduce your stress levels.

Old Mattress Affects Your Immune System:

Because of your old mattress, you may not be getting enough quality sleep. If you do not have a quality sleep, it affects your immune system as well.  If your body doesn’t have a healthy immune system, it will easily expose to sickness and cold.  It is the time to get a new mattress if you want your body to improve its immunity to fight allergies and illness.

Old Mattress can also cause Hart Problem:

You might be thinking how old mattress can affect your heart. But, the fact is it actually affects your cardiac health, and there are more chances of getting heart problems. This is because you may not be able to get complete rest during the night due to your old mattress. To avoid such problems, change your mattress today and get a brand new Ortho Mattress to maintain quality sleep and good health.

Old Mattress can cause Memory Issues:

Because of using poor quality mattress you may even suffer from memory problems. Strange, but true, when you are not having sufficient sleep during the night, eventually it will affect your brain and causes memory problems. If you are sleep deprived, your brain does not think problems and causes memory loss. So be careful and if you think, it’s time to change your mattress then do it immediately.

Heal is wealth, so when it comes to changing the mattress, then don’t ignore or neglect any longer get the new Ortho Mattress today and get a quality sleep.

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