Best Online File Converters for free

Do you think that if any file is created in the format you don’t need cannot be converted for free? If yes, you are completely wrong. No matter you want to convert your PDF to DOC, BMO to JPG, any document or image, anything can be easily converted for free.

This article will talk about some of the best free online file converters that you can use in one spot.  

Pick the most convenient file converters

  1. Conversion

When you want to convert your files quickly from your system, Google Drive, URL or Dropbox, Convertio can be a good option. Catch your file first then select the type of conversion from image, PDF, document, or video. The most liked feature of Convertio is that the users get the option of converting multiple files by simply clicking the button Add More Files. Also, you can save the converted file to your Google Drive if you want.

  1. Convert. Files

Convert. Files are also liked by several users. It has a number of input and output file format options. You simply need to browse the file you want to convert or you can also enter the URL in order to start the process of conversion. Select the format from PDF, ebook, document, video, audio, image. After that, when you upload the file, input method can produce in the right format automatically if detected easily.

  1. Zamzar

Many users like Zamzar the most because it can support more than 1200 types of file conversion. Also, before you start using Zamzar you can also look for the popular conversion types on its main page, just for getting sure about the file converter. Then choose the file you want to convert and select the file format in which you want your file to be converted. You can convert your file into an image, a document, ebook, audio, video, PDF and other options.

In Zamzar you need to enter your email address in order to get your new converted file. so, if you have no problem in sharing your email address to get your converted file, Zamzar can be a good option.

  1. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert hold 8,300 immense conversion combinations. Therefore, if you are not able to find your type of conversion option in any of the discussed converter, you need to look for this one. The time you upload your file, there comes an output format box which will collocate automatically with the required format. Next step is to click on a convert and what you are file getting ready. Once it is done, click on download to get your file.

This free online converter can be used to convert image, ebook, video, presentation, audio, CAD. Also, you can view other file format options available by simply clicking on any of the supported types on the landing page.

  1. FileZigZag

FileZigZag has one common feature alike Zamzar that it also ask for your email address. In addition, it also supports all the files supported by Zamzar including image, document, audio, video, and presentation. Browse your file, upload it and select the format in which you want the file. Then enter your email address and finally click on Convert option. Once you receive an email, click on the given link and get your output file. So, if you don’t mind sharing your email address, FileZigZag is a good free online file converter.

  1. Online File Converter

You can also choose Online File Converter for converting your image file, document, presentation, video, archive file for free. You simply have to scroll to the conversion type you want and choose your output format. After that, select the file you want to convert. The website will give you some good options when you will start converting some of the file types.

To exemplify, you can modify the size, change the color and improve your image file. Also, if it is an audio file, you can make adjustments in the resolution, number of audio channels, and trimming the audio. Once it is done, click on Convert File Now first and Download Converted File afterward.

So, with the help of these free available file conversion options, you can easily and quickly convert any of the files you want. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the sites.

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