6 easy and simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

You can contribute a lot to the environment. If you take some smart steps you can easily save the planet from changing the climate. Read the article in order to know 6 instant steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Simple steps to follow on every day basis

  1. Stop Eating Red Meat

One of the most effective actions taken from your side for battling against climate change is to stop meat consumption. Even if you limit eating meat then also you can make a big difference. Emission of greenhouse gas from agribusiness is an even bigger problem than fossil fuel emission. People keep on talking about cutting the dependence on fossil fuel but nobody is able to figure out the biggest culprit.

If you cannot stop eating red meat at least start eating less meat so that water can be saved. it’s important to know the connection between meat and climate change because it is increasing water scarcity problem to a large extent.

  1. Unplug Your Devices

Again many people do not know that electronic devices suck a lot of energy if they are plugged in. So if you have forgotten to plug out the cord from the socket, a lot of energy is drawn even if you have not put your device into charging. This is when you are contributing to the carbon footprint. So, the easiest step to reduce carbon footprint is to unplug all the electronic devices when you are not using them.

  1. Drive Less

You have so many options other than driving. So, you can leave your car at home and take a bike or bus to reach your destination. Many people have even started using the bike and other public transports like subways, metros, and dreams because they have realized that it can help in reducing climate change to a large extent. Bike and other public transports are the eco-friendly modes of transportation which should be promoted more by the government for safeguarding the environment.

  1. Plant a Garden

No matter you are living in your own house or an apartment, tree plantation is always advisable. Planting more and more trees is the simplest and easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint. You can plant flowers, trees, and vegetables in your garden. If you are living in cities then you can go for a balcony garden. In this way, City dwellers can reduce urban heat largely. By planting more and more trees, cities can become cooler and can try to contribute something in reducing the carbon footprint.

  1. Eat Local (and Organic)

This is also a simple and instant way to reduce your carbon footprint. Try to eat local and seasonal food as much as possible. The reason is that shipping food creates carbon footprint therefore if you stick to the food that is grown locally in your city or nearby area your contribution will be remarkable. Moreover, when any fruit or vegetable is grown in your own city its environmental cost is reduced largely.

Also, the food which is imported from other countries has to set a big journey compromising it’s quality and nutrition level. So, you should follow the thought that the closer food is the better one. Furthermore, you can also switch to organic food products which are free from toxic pesticides and another chemical. This kind of food is better for the planet as well as for human longevity.

  1. Line-Dry Your Clothes

People keep on adopting the changes but sometimes it is better to stick with the old. Yes, the traditional method of line drying the clothes is far better for the planet. If you simply line dry your clothes, one-third of carbon footprint can be saved. unfortunately, most of the people have stopped relying on this traditional method and they are washing their clothes electrically which consumes 5 times more electricity.

These are really some of the most simple ways to reduce carbon footprint and can be implemented at every home. By following these ways you can reduce your carbon footprint instantly. Consequently, we can contribute a lot to saving our planet. So, we should take this as our responsibility to do something in order to to reduce the climate changes and improve the condition of our planet.

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