Five Steps to Homeschool Success

Homeschool success can be defined in a variety of ways because it depends on the student and the family making the decision as to what their goals are in participating in this program. Part-time students may consider themselves successful when they complete the online courses and go back to their classroom ahead or at the same level as their classmates. Full-time students who started in elementary with homeschooling may define success as going all the way to graduation with this approach; while others who entered later will credit their success to having this option to fill in when the public/private school wasn’t working.

A parent’s job is to set the student up for success and the way to do this is to find the best homeschool in Florida that offers accredited courses for every grade level, print and electronic curriculum for flexibility, professional instructors and staff for support and an affordable price tag with financial aid to ensure every family can have access. Finding all these characteristics in a single program can be challenging so when the decision is made to teach kids at home, start the research immediately and identifying who meets the criteria and who doesn’t. There are several factors to consider such as the parent being part or full-time teacher up until a certain grade, portal access and usability, annual testing and confirming that state requirements are met.

Some families know from the beginning that they are going to homeschool for the long-term which means they need to plan on working with a program that offers K 5-12th grade courses. This provides stability for the student as they can finish with the homeschool curriculum, they start with which is designed by the publisher to build on each other from year to year. There is always the possibility of switching to a different platform if something happens or the school has failed to do as it promised but with enough research upfront, this is usually avoided. Be sure that the homeschool platform is responsible for handling all documentation and record-keeping tasks; otherwise, it falls on the parent and this can be a challenge with one or multiple students to keep up over the years. The online portal provides parents access to this information and can send directly to higher institutions when requested.

Set the tone by giving students an environment they can work with from up-to-date electronic devices to access the online portal, proper lighting so they don’t strain their eyes and a personal work space so they aren’t crowding in on one another. Families can choose to homeschool on their own especially when they connect with the best homeschool in Florida where the lesson plans and curriculum are already established. They can also work with other homeschoolers to create a ‘classroom’ environment so that students have a peer support system and integrate with others in their similar situation. Parents will need to work together to determine the best approach if they are using a variety of curriculums and online options to avoid confusion.

Make homeschooling fun and be creative with it. Even if you are not the full-time instructor because you are taking advantage of the online school’s resources and teachers, there are still ways where the parent can be involved in a positive way. Schedule field trips so that information doesn’t stay in the book or on the screen but comes to life making it easier to remember and recall for tests. Complement course work with extracurricular activities that are standard in traditional schools such as art, music, sports, physical fitness. Children’s health is a major topic with so many kids sitting in front of a TV playing video games or on their smartphones most of the day. It’s important to get them moving, outside playing and getting involved with other children in team activities that match their preferences and hobbies. The majority of local schools are open to including homeschool students as part of their sports teams and other programs when parents start looking into them to see what is required.

The high school diploma is the final reward for both student and parent but it’s important that the journey to that point be meaningful, reliable and a solid foundation for the graduate to build on as they transition into college and adulthood. Accredited online courses ensure that transcripts will be accepted by the top universities, NCAA approved classes provide a path to athletic scholarships and admittance to college sports programs and college prep curriculum guarantee that the student will be prepared for the collegiate courses they will take. Homeschool success may be defined by each family but it starts with having the right support and foundation with the best homeschool platform in Florida that understands what families and students need to reach their goals and prepare for the future.

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