5 Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist

Do you enjoy getting tanned? Did you know that too much tanning could result in dark spots and loss of collagen? On the other hand, being injured or getting pregnant could become predecessors to skin problems like scarring or acne.

At some point in our lives, every human will experience getting spots or marks on their skin. It is the body’s largest organ after all. There are a lot of skin conditions out there that one could suffer from, others are normal, while some are absolutely not. Left unchecked, these unusual skin conditions could end up causing more harm to you further down the line.

This article lists five reasons why you should pay closer attention to your skin’s health and pay a visit to your skin specialist Sydney before it’s too late:

1.  Mole Maladies

Do you have moles? It is a good rule to familiarize yourself with the number of moles you have and where they are in your body. Popular media has always put the spotlight on breast and lung cancer as the most common type of cancer, but skin cancer actually falls under that list as well.

Check your moles regularly for any changes in count and in appearance. Bleeding, sores, itching, or any forms of irritation on or around your mole can be signs of skin cancer. If you feel uncertain, set an appointment with your dermatologist.

2.  Can’t Ditch the Itch

Over-the-counter medications can be your go-to fix for cases of persistent itching. However, there are cases where a particularly itchy spot could be an indicator of something more severe, like skin cancer or some internal dysfunction that manifests on the skin. Check with your dermatologist if the itching persists for more than a week.

3.  Too Much Tan

You can never wear enough sunscreen. Relying too much on sunscreen and sun-protective clothing will never be enough if you still continue to expose yourself to too much sun anyway. Don’t wait for your sunburn to turn you into a feverish, blistering mess. Consult a doctor if the pain does not subside or if it gets worse.

4.  Suspicious Spots

Any form of suspicious spots should be immediately checked. More common forms are unexplained red spots, which may be early indicators of psoriasis or brown spots that are commonly mistaken for sunspots.

If you skip treatment for these spots, it could get worse and develop into arthritis or even a sign of hormonal imbalance as a result of constant exposure to stressful environments. More than just the aesthetic problems that it might cause you, dark spots surrounding the face could be harming you internally. A regular check-up doesn’t sound that bad now, does it?

5.  Bad Hair Day, Every Day

Dermatologists can help with a wide range of hair problems, including dandruff, dry hair, split ends, hair loss, and many more. There’s a whole array of factors that could lead to these hair problems like infrequent washing or stress, whatever the case is, a doctor would be better equipped to look into it. With hair loss, even though it is genetic in most cases, seeing a dermatologist could slow down its progress. 

They say beauty is only skin deep, but taking care of our skin, not only to reap the external rewards but for internal health and longevity, is the most beautiful act you can do for yourself. Don’t wait until symptoms get worse, see a dermatologist. There are numerous skin specialists in Sydney you can call on today!

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