Boarding school review: Interesting facts about boarding schools that you might not know!!!

The aim and purpose of boarding schools is to produce mature and confident adults who are socially responsible, self-motivated and a great future of the world. Boarding schools develop the excellence and necessary skills in individuals so that they can have a brighter and successful future ahead. Most of the boarding schools prepare their children for college-level work so that they can take admissions in the world’s top universities. You know that boarding schools are completely different from other common schools because, in such schools, students do not only come to read here but as well as they live here with their fellow school mates. Here is a list of a few interesting facts that you need to know about boarding schools.

  1. The word boarding is derived from two words bed and board. It is quite interesting.
  2. In some areas, boarding schools are not really very strict. Some of these schools allow the students to return to their families in the evening and to stay in the school till the evening.
  3. The number of advanced degrees of the teachers is really very high therefore your child will receive a quality education. Teachers with advanced degrees have excellent knowledge and experience, therefore, your child is going to receive the best education in a boarding school.
  4. Sports is not an add on feature in boarding schools even it is a necessary ingredient of such schools. However, it is true that many boarding schools have better facilities than those of others. Therefore, boarding schools offer overall development to their students rather than just enhancing their academic performance.
  5. There is 24/7 supervision for the security of the students. Your child will stay under permanent supervision so your child will grow in an atmosphere that is his/her need.
  6. There are some rules and regulations that can be different from one boarding school to another. Your child can’t go anywhere without taking permission, but it does not mean that boarding schools offer a prison-like atmosphere. It might sound like that but actually, No, it’s not. It only means that your child can’t become hidden for hours or can’t go out of the boarding school without taking permission.
  7. Usually, most of the boarding schools have special grounds to go to sleep after completing their school time.
  8. The class size is small, and the education quality is excellence. When there is a discussion period, teachers sit at the tables with the students. Considering these facts, you can estimate how your child can receive a better education in boarding schools.
  9. According to boarding school review, usually, boarding schools campuses are beautiful therefore your child can get a great environment to live in.
  10. Most of the boarding schools’ welcome students from all across the world unlike other private and public schools.
  11. Boarding schools prepare children in a good manner for college and university. Your child will live in an environment where other students have similar dreams as your child have. Your child will get prepared for college life, as there is only a little difference between a boarding school and college.
  12. Do you know 90% of the boarding school students say that they will love the boarding school experience and they really want to enjoy it again?
  13. Some boarding schools offer Saturday classes. Some schools have half day classes on Saturdays however, in many schools Saturdays are considered as the day for sports.
  14. Teachers in boarding schools live in the dorms of the students. Even teachers act as loco parenting for students. If a child needs extra help, then a teacher can give them extra tutoring lessons at any time of the day, as both the teacher and student are staying in the same campus.
  15. Security is the main concern of the students; therefore, campuses are situated at a secure place. Most of the boarding schools have high level security inside as well as outside the campus to keep the inmates safe and secure.

Considering these interesting facts about boarding schools, you can easily understand how a boarding school is a great option for you, if you want to offer quality education to your child. According to boarding school review, the academic experience of the students in boarding schools is remarkably excellent and is better than the normal school environment. They blend well in the society once they complete their schooling. So, ge ahead and have the best boarding school adventure.

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